Terms & Conditions

Refund Policy

LVL Up Academy offers a Refund Policy which is fair and equitable. Starting from the date of purchase, clients have 30 days to request a refund policy if no courses have been taken. If courses have been taken, we will charge for courses taken, and our administrative course access fee will be 50% refunded.

Please reach out to connect@thelvlupacademy.com for further information.

Terms of Use

NOTICE: The content of the course(s) being purchased, containing the Intellectual Property and Copyrights of LVL UP Academy (LVL), is and shall remain the property of LVL as per U.S.A. copyright laws. The purchaser of the course, during the course(s) Term of Use, has LVL's permission to use LVL’s intellectual property (content) for the duration of the Term, but only as provided in the Agreement with respect to number of users and duration of time authorized, and during the Term may access and utilize the information, concepts and materials contained within the content. However, such content shall not be duplicated, shared or otherwise used (either electronically or in printed form) by any individual or entity other than the original purchaser for any purpose whatsoever.